Professional, EPA-Approved Sanitation at Home

Your home is a safe place. You want your family to be safe from harmful outdoor toxins, foul odors, and contaminants, which are present in the external environment around us. What most homeowners don’t know, is that harmful bacteria make their way into the home as well. Even if you’re extremely careful, use deodorization products in your home regularly, and maintain a clean environment, you need professional odor elimination and home sanitation services, to get the harmful bacteria out! Our team at Nano Coating Technologies specializes in these services, and other home sanitation and cleaning services.

We’ll Get any Scent Out

Utilizing our scientifically backed and produced NCT products, we’ll get rid of the harshest odors in your home. Tobacco odor removal, pet odor removal, and general deodorization throughout your home, are a few of the many scents we can get rid of. Even if someone smokes outside your home, on the patio, these scents can linger, and make their way into your home. You don’t want these harmful toxins and carcinogens adversely affecting your family and kids. And, although you love your pets, they can leave behind harsh odors throughout the home, bacteria, and bring in airborne viruses if they spend plenty of time outside. Professional odor removal is the solution!

How our System Differs from Others

So, what sets our NCT product line and professional deodorization services apart from other companies in New Hampshire? For starters, we guarantee our services will last for up to 90 days in your home. We’ll eliminate mold, mildew, dog and pet odors, tobacco odors, and more. Allergens and airborne bacteria and viruses are also eliminated in our sanitation process.

NCT utilizes its germ inhibitor system which is chemical and toxin free. Some additional benefits and services we provide for homeowners include

  • Professional disinfecting of any area in your home, up to 400 square feet, for under $200
  • Our Healthy Home Program (HHP) where we implement the latest technologies and chemical-free cleaning products, to remove bacteria, odors, and toxins from your home
  • Science-based cleaning solutions (which are EPA-approved), to manage, control, diagnose, and eliminate harmful bacterial buildup in your home and odors you want to eliminate

The antimicrobial technologies our team at NCT developed, will protect your home and your family in the home. Our BioProtect us system uses state of the art technologies and cleaning technologies to eliminate harsh odors and bacteria from growing in the home. We use patented filtration systems, and modifying technologies, for continual and persistent protection in your home. The BioProtect us system we’ve developed, is safe for pets and children in the home, as it eliminates harsh chemical toxins and utilizes only clean, environmentally-friendly, germ inhibiting solutions. Our system is EPA-approved, and safe for your family and pets. Our goal at NCT is to deliver a healthy and stable environment for your family and pets to thrive in.

If you need your home professionally deodorized, sanitized, and cleaned by licensed professionals, our team at Nano Coating Technologies can help! Contact us today at (603) 630-5377 to learn more about our odor elimination, germ inhibitor systems, and BioProtect us sanitation services in New Hampshire.