Professional Home Disinfection Services

At Nano Coating Technologies (NCT), we take your family’s health, and your home’s cleanliness, seriously! We specialize in sanitation services in New Hampshire. Our services include proper removal of harmful bacteria in your home, with “green” cleaning products, which are non-toxic and non-chemical based. We offer a wide range of cleanup and removal services to suit your family’s needs.

Services Offered

Home sanitation and cleanliness is of the highest importance. Toxic chemicals, bacteria, and other harmful toxins are penetrating your home regularly. If you live in a home with a hoarder, or have items in your home which are extremely old that you don’t dispose of, this can be extremely dangerous. In addition to removing these old, dated items from your home, we’ll professionally clean, sanitize, and eliminate the bacteria and germ buildup, which has accumulated over several months or years in your home.

Home Disinfection and Deep Cleaning

Harmful bacteria form on all surfaces of your home. Even if you clean your house regularly, you can’t prevent bacterial and germ buildup over time. Our team at NCT is the best for deep cleaning and home disinfection, given the state of the art technology and science-backed cleaning agents we use, to rid your home of these dangers. We use an impenetrable, force field cleaning solution which bacteria can’t penetrate or grow for up to 90 days after cleaning services.

House Cleanouts

Our house cleanouts are professionally tailored to meet your family’s needs. We will

  • Rid the home of moldy or musty scents
  • Eliminate bacteria with micro technologies and force fields to prevent regrowth for up to 90 days
  • Inhibit the spread of germs and viruses in your home

Utilizing our HHP (healthy home program), we clean your home and eliminate harmful bacteria, viruses, and germs, for up to 90 days. The bound antimicrobial technologies keep your home clean. We’ll protect your family from airborne illness and viruses, and keep your home (and its surfaces) as clean as possible with the best equipment, technology, and green cleaning agents.

Our BioProtect cleaning solution is safe for your family, pets, and all surfaces in your home. It doesn’t contain toxic chemicals or harsh cleaning agents. This EPA approved, antibacterial cleaning solution, is what your home has needed for years, and we can finally deliver it safely!

Hoarder House Cleanout

Professional hoarding cleanup is another service we offer. If your home is filled with items that have been sitting in the attic or basement for 20+ years, we’ll begin by removing them. We’ll help you remove the harmful bacteria, germs, and those hidden viruses lurking around your home. A hoarder’s home is one of the main feasting grounds for bacteria and germs to live. Especially because you can’t see what’s below the piles of items you’ve been collecting over the years. We can, and we’ll remove those toxins, germs, and bacteria, that you don’t want living in your home, or around your family!

Call us today at (603) 630-5377. For homeowners in need of professional sanitation services in New Hampshire, look no further. We offer deep cleaning, general house cleanouts, and hoarder house cleanouts, to ensure your home is properly sanitized, free of harmful bacteria, and dangerous toxins. To guarantee your family’s health and safety, contact us today to learn more about our services. We’re the best local service providers, and utilize EPA-approved cleaning methods and treatments, to ensure your home is clean, bacteria-free for up to 90 days, and your family is safe!