Home sanitation services in New Hampshire

Looking for trusted home sanitation experts in New Hampshire? If so, then congratulations and welcome to Nano Coating Technologies (NCT). We pride ourselves in providing professional disinfectant services to protect your two most highly valuable assets, your health, and your home.

You have been told before that regular house cleaning is extremely essential for safeguarding the health and well-being of your family. While all the surfaces in your home may look spotlessly clean, they may not be free of harmful germs and bacteria. Your family members are, therefore, subject to the increased risk of bacterial and microbial induced health conditions, especially if they have compromised immune systems.

You indeed have access to a wide range of detergents and disinfectants to fight microorganisms and pathogens causing infections. Unfortunately, most of those over the counter products for home disinfecting do not always provide sufficient protection against infections.

Getting rid of germs and bacteria from your home is an endless task that could also prove to be quite challenging. It’s a task for experts and NCT has got you covered.

Deep whole-house cleaning and sanitizing

Your home can become a breeding ground for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), especially if it is closed up for a prolonged period. This type of bacteria can survive on surfaces, such as furniture, floors, towels, clothing and workout equipment for several weeks.

The biggest concern is that it can spread easily through physical contact, but very difficult to treat because it resists most antibiotics. With our deep whole-house cleaning and sanitizing techniques, we can restore your home to a bacteria-free state.

Why choose Nano Coating Technologies?

  • No toxic products

At Nano Coating Technologies, we use the best products in the industry that are approved and registered by EPA. Our multifaceted solutions are non-leaching, meaning they’re not only safe for the environment but also human and pet-friendly. They are proven to be so effective at killing an array of bacteria and pathogens including MRSA, Staph, and C-Difficile (C.Diff).

  • State of the art antimicrobial and antibacterial technology

Our cleaning service is backed by science and technology with the highest level of disinfecting and antimicrobial surface modifying capabilities. Unlike conventional techniques that only kill microorganisms, our solutions kill and also help create surfaces that provide months of residual protection. It minimizes the risk of bacteria growing back, as the cells are punctured and disintegrated on contact.

  • Professional trained and certified home sanitation technicians

As a company that takes health and safety seriously, we only employ technicians who are industry-certified to carry out your work. Our team is also sufficiently insured. With our several years of experience in the business, clients can trust us to find effective solutions to control the growth and spread of harmful bacteria in their homes.

  • Flexible

Thanks to our flexible working hours, you can have our professionals work based on your preferred schedule that doesn’t disrupt your operation. What’s more, you should always look forward to receiving a responsive service every step of the way.

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